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drifting glaeciers
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'Frozen Mirrow' by Nicholas Roemmelt
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"I have not forgotten you — the nights are long and difficult. You too know that all my eyes see, all touch with myself, from any distance, is you. The caress of fabrics, the color of colors, the wires, the nerves, the pencils, the leaves, the dust, the cells, the war and the sun, everything experienced in the minutes of the non-clocks and the non-calendars and the empty non-glances, is you. You felt it, that’s why you let that ship take me away from Le Havre where you never said good-bye to me. I will write to you with my eyes, always. For you is all."
Frida Kahlo, The Diary Of Frida Kahlo (via sunst0ne)

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Street art in Barcelona, Spain ~ Artist AliCé Pasquini 

I just feel so fat all the time and I’m so sick of people telling me that I shouldn’t feel this way because “look in a mirror you’re beautiful and you look great!” because you don’t understand when I look in a mirror I see something completely different and no matter how hard I try I can’t feel beautiful.

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"No one’s life seems great between midnight and 7 a.m. Go to sleep. Things will be better tomorrow."
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Art 💎
Chaim Machlevhttp://www.dotstolines.com
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Lions Gate Bridge
"Well, here I am again all upset and shit."
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took this when I was snorkeling in the great barrier reef
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